About us Childhood Constipation

Childhood constipation is an insidious health issue that can quickly lead to more serious physical problems if left untreated. Most parents must face issues of childhood constipation at some point during their children’s lives.

Bowel issues and bathroom patterns can vary greatly depending on the child involved. About one-third of four to seven-year-olds are constipated at any one time.1  Many children will hold or delay bowel movements which increases their risk for long term and last complications associated with constipation.

The Journal of Pediatric Health Care1 states that constipation accounts for nearly 5 percent of all pediatric outpatient visits, as well as more than 25 percent of all referrals to gastroenterology specialists. In 2009 alone, functional constipation had a worldwide prevalence of 7–30 percent with approximately 30 to 75 percent of chronic constipation in children resulting in fecal impaction.

We hope our site assists parents with valuable information on childhood constipation and tips on how to best help your child.  However, this site does not provide medical advice or replace speaking to your pediatrician about the care of your child.