Diet and fluid Intake play an important part in improving constipation


Drink plenty of fluids every day to keep the stool soft and to prevent constipation. A good guideline is 35-57 ounces per day depending on age or recommendation of a physician (drinks with caffeine don't count). If you exercise a lot or the weather is hot, drink more. Some people may need to limit how much they drink because of their bladder program. Talk with your healthcare professional about a good daily fluid goal that will work for both your bladder program and your bowel program.


Doctors recommend a high fiber diet that contain beans, high-fiber cereals, apples and bananas, berries, prunes, legumes of all sorts, nuts and bran. Children need specific amounts of fiber, depending on age and gender, with some general ranges like 25 grams a day for children aged 4–8. These preventative dietary measures are a good first step to helping children become regular.

Not every child will benefit from a high-fiber diet. You need to recall or record how much fiber your child usually had in their diet prior to acquiring constipation and how much they are eating now.

Keeping a record of bowel movements, types of matter, and your child’s diet would be recommended. Recording over a period of two weeks would also be suggested. A bowel movement and diet record helps you and your healthcare professional determine the best approach to helping your child. If your child has suffered from constipation, check-ups are recommended at least once a year. Bring a completed copy of a bowel and diet record and review it with your healthcare professional.

Pay attention to your child’s body, their stool, and the time of day they usually perform their routine. You know best; you'll be the first to notice changes that may be important.

Bowel and Diet Record Chart

When making a change to your bowel or diet, medical professionals recommend changing one item at a time and maintaining that change for a two-week period. The following sample chart is to help you evaluate the change and assist in identifying the most appropriate regimen to maximize your child’s quality of life and minimize episodes of constipation.

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